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Each of us has unique gifts and talents to share, and we all have needs that others can fill. Let's help each other build the communities we all want to live in!   See our events page for information on any upcoming events.  Our next event is on Saturday, February 27, 2016. 

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What is a Timebank?

A Timebank doesn’t bank money, it tracks your time.  Time YOU spend sharing your talents and skills with your neighbors and time they spend sharing with you.

Are you new to the concept of timebanking and want to know more?   Look no further because this video does a great job at explaining how timebanks work and how they can enrich our lives.   It's a neat video by the U. of Michigan Environmental Psychology Lab.

How Does the SWEL Timebank Work?
Timebanking helps neighbors enjoy the necessities and the niceties of life by exchanging time instead of dollars. All services are valued equally.

Our simple Internet-based system called Community Weaver introduces SWEL Timebank members to each other, facilitates the exchange of services, and keeps track of the hours exchanged. This online database makes it easy to see what skills and services your neighbors have to offer, and what services they need, so you can match your skills and needs with others in the Shoreline, Woodway, Edmonds, and Lake Forest Park communities.